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swamp cheese (zucchini) fritters

Swamp Cheese Fritters

When my daughter Imogen was young(er) she would run a million miles if she could seen anything green in her food. I had any number of tricks to ‘hide’ spinach and zucchini but never thought that calling it something other than what it was would work. Hence these Swamp Cheese Fritters. Read more…

Vegan Hummingbird Cake

Vegan Hummingbird Cake with Coconut Cream & Mango Frosting

Apart from writing, I like to cook. And apparently other people like me to cook too. Which was why I was asked to make three cakes for a wedding. While the Red Velvet and White Chocolate Mud cakes were an (almost) easy task to provide, ideas for a nut-free vegan cake were proving more difficult to come by. Until I created this recipe. Read more…

Vegan Rice Puddidge

Vegan Rice Puddidge

This was originally made with a large batch of leftover rice as an Indian style sweet rice pudding. The leftovers from that first pudding were then eaten like a porridge for breakfast. Everyone agreed it made a wonderful breakfast – but could do with less sugar. The recipe was refined and the Rice Puddidge was born. Read more…